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Hello everybody! EGO agency, exclusive gorgeous offers for egoist, hot escorts to males or couples in UAE: Dubai & Abu Dhabi. If you are the lady, agency welcomes you, try to find you the best accompaniment, but we have not so much bisexual girls, shemales and guys usual orientations. 
Good choice of UAE escort models in different Luxury 4-5 stars Hotels, located in centers of cities, near business towers, malls. 
Incall/ outcall: taxi- extra payment. 
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Phone of managers: +7981-682-26-67 
Candy speaks fluently English, Katrina – Arabic language. 
Some of companions work independent, their mobiles in profiles. 
Last arrivals, interesting updates of girls, trans, gays bi-sexual: News with dates, services, parameters, availability. 
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Escorts Dubai & sex massage Abu Dhabi.

Where to find massage, sex, girls escort in Dubai and Abu Dhabi? This is our question, we know everything about it, just call or sms number +7981-682-26-67. EGO organizes wonderful time with expatriates: Ukrainian, Italian, Spanish, French, Indian, African, Russian call-girls. 
Abu Dhabi/ Dubai sexy hot prostitutes are waiting friendly men, enjoy sex some hours either full night erotic games, prostate massage, golden shower, a-level, foot fetish, Domination, BDSM. 
Pusses prefer clean gentlemen, because escorts are fresh smell, healthy. 
Masseurs accept only cash payments by United Arab Dirhams, Dollars, Euros. 



Elite escort agency

Hello, Dear Friends! Hope you are feeling the best energy from me now! Elite agency EGO escort start to work after Big Vocations! And now we are full of positive and love energy for our clients. Only the Best girls and males can cooperate with ego escort agency!

Look at our new design, hope you like this one more than old, and also we try give you good navigation system to guide pages of VIP European escorts.

Staff of EGO escort agency: girls, males, shemales.

Nationalities: Russian, Ukrainian, French, Spanish, German and others Europeans.

Location: UAE – Dubai and Abu Dhabi cities.

Do you want cooperate with us? Wanted: Girls, Gays, Shemales.

Currency of UAE: dirham

UAE is a mysterious country full of secrets. During the last century it has developed greatly due to oil which is extracted there. Dubai became the center of tourism and entertainment. Even its currency, dirham, has a stable exchange rate towards the US dollar $1=3.67 dirham for over 30 years. People come here to have a rest and to find lots of fun including sexual adventures. UAE escort will give you everything you might wish, as vacation in hot country is great, but it means nothing without a hot lady. Your desires will surely not be left at home; they will travel with you and will follow wherever you go. UAE call girls are waiting for your arrival to finally fulfill all of them.


Russian call girls in UAE

Men who have already tried girls of different nations are sure that the best maiden to choose is the Russian one. They are sexy and can cope even with the most unusual wishes of their client leaving him completely satisfied and happy. If you choose one of these VIP ladies, you can be sure that UAE escorts services will offer you someone just for your needs. For example, you can count on anal sex, as almost all of them are masters in this unusual way of making love. Haven’t you heard that Arabic men prefer the second entrance for sexual pleasure rather than the standard one? They surely know what and how to do and their choice is not occasional. Besides, these ladies are the masters of doing blow jobs. Wouldn’t you like to see a hot blonde moving her mouth up and down your body? Russian call girls in UAE even more sophisticated than in the country where they came from.

Despite the fact that you can surely easily choose yourself a lass to spend a night or to guide you somewhere, there are still lots of rules on how to behave in UAE and particularly in Dubai. The culture there differs from those you are used to at home. When you take your quean with you, be sure that you behave socially correct with her in the streets, as even the simplest thing typical for you may be persecuted by law of UAE.

Taking a call girl with you, you should keep in mind that she in no way will show anything about her profession. Of course, in bed, when you are alone, she will be the most sexual creature for you, but outside she will have to be dressed in clothes hiding her figure as much as possible. If she doesn’t do this, she may be refused to be let in into some mall or a restaurant with you. Call girls in UAE have to be modest in public while a man can be dressed the way he prefers, especially if you are a traveler (but don’t walk topless or in shorts, this is also inappropriate, including transparent clothes). But inside the hotel area you and your lady can do and dress any way you prefer, even bikini style is allowed. This is like a buffer zone for tourists who are not used to Arabic laws.

You will not be allowed to show affection to her in public places. There are even warning signs placed to make you keep this in mind, as sexy wench can sometimes blow your head even in the most modest clothes. You can’t hug her or kiss in lips and behave as if you are a couple. Be patient until you take your baby to bed. There are also some inconveniences connected to alcohol and smoking. They are prohibited to be done in the streets, and actually you can find alcohol only in hotel area or can be ordered in a restaurant.

Finally, watch your speech. People in Dubai know English perfectly (and many other languages too), so if you try to say something vulgar to your accompaniment or addressing a passing by person, you may get to jail. Besides, don’t criticize anything at all, as there are so many other prohibitions that you may not know when you occasionally break the law.

Concerning sex, UAE prohibits it if you are not married. This means, that prostitution is actually prohibited too. On the other hand, you still can refer to escorts in UAE, as if you behave modest with your female, you will not be accused in anything. It can turn into a very nice game: pretending to be indifferent towards a sexy lady while wanting to take her so badly.

Formula 1 in UAE Abu Dhabi 2014 year.

Girls from escort in UAE are ready to make your visit of different significant events more pleasant. For example, Formula 1, in November you can visit Grand Prix 2014 in Abu Dhabi, Yas Marina Circuit. The tickets are available right now and cost approximately $4000-$5000. You can book them already right now. The practice part will take place on the 21st of November, the qualifying will be on the 22nd and the race itself is planned on the 23rd of November. You may find more information on the official site of Grand Prix ( Such exciting event will be appreciated more with elite maintenance following you.

Staying somewhere at night in Dubai is not less important, as you will surely want to finally fulfill all your desires with a beautiful courtesan after a long day. Yassat Gloria Hotel is the best modest but beautiful variant. This five-star hotel always has free rooms which cost $100-200 per night. Yet, if you are going to visit Formula 1, it is better to book a room in advance, or it will be filled completely. Its high building has beautiful view on the city and huge apartments will allow to embody your sexual desires with the sexy companion all night long.

Another hotel popular in Dubai is a real dream coming true. It is Burj Al Arab. It looks like a sail in the ocean and is filled with romance. Rates there start from AED 3.850 (approximately $1000). This is the most gorgeous place to stay with an entourage, as here your sexual fairy tale will become reality.

Sex is important, but fun and purchases are also interesting! In Dubai you can visit its biggest Mall. There is everything combined in there: from common shops and boutiques to aquarium, exhibition of dinosaurs, fountains and many other things which should be seen by your own eyes. Besides, in this Dubai Mall there are lots of promotions taking place almost every day, so you even can’t guess what’s new will happen next there!